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A look at using GIS systems to create, maintain, and utilize tree inventories - focused to the needs of Green Industry Professionals.

Public gardens and cities are rapidly updating their tree inventories from hand drawn maps and notes to computerized systems with GIS technology. Tree care companies are now mapping the trees and clients they serve to better schedule service calls within nearby neighborhoods and reduce fuel overhead costs. Don't be left behind! Attend this session & learn how you can take your tree records to the next level. Staff members from the Boone County GIS Department will present the basics of this relatively new technology, explain what equipment and software options are available, how to apply different data layers to a map, and various online and printed uses for these maps. Staff members of the Boone County Arboretum will also be on hand to discuss the many possible applications of this technology within the green industry, particularly with tree inventories for public gardens, city urban forestry collections, and tree care workers.

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