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Adoption Waggin’…

Goin’ Mobile and Savin’ Lives

A New Approach to Adoption…

Meet Peanut
Adopted 2008

Our Northern Kentucky community continues to grow and with that growth comes a corresponding increase in the number of homeless pets who need sheltering, protection, and promotion.

Boone County Animal Care and Control has chosen to move beyond the “come to the shelter” approach to adoption and to bring our adoptable “pets to the people” where they work, play, and shop.

By using this “shelter on wheels” we can achieve our goal of increasing adoptions of deserving animals and as a result end the euthanasia of adoptable pets.

Adoption Partners…

Developing partnerships is critical to creating a
community with no more homeless or unwanted pets.
Our Adoption Partners assist the shelter with activities that
save lives. The Friends of the Shelter/SPCA, Inc. offer volunteers and
resources to get our pets into new homes.

Partners stick together…
Thelma & Louise Adopted Oct 2008

A Proven Approach…

We currently do not have an adoption vehicle in Northern Kentucky, although Cincinnati area humane organizations often bring mobile units to events in our communities to promote adoptions. Across the country, many animal shelters report up to a 300% increase in adoption rates. Purchase of our “adoption waggin” would be an effective and economical solution to meet the needs of a growing community and an alternative to the more expensive “bricks and mortar.”

Community Service Hits the Road…

Animal Emergencies ARE
People Emergencies

The “shelter on wheels” affords Boone County the opportunity to meet other needs:

Community is Key…

All donations will go towards the support and maintenance of the Mobile Unit

Advertising space on the vehicle is available to a limited number of companies on a first come basis.

For additional information or questions, please contact Beckey Reiter, Animal Care and Control Director at (859)586–5285

Request the Adoption Waggin’

Interested in having the adoption unit at your next civic or community event?

Complete and return the Adoption Waggin’ request form to reserve your date(s).

To contact us:

5643 Idlewild RD
Burlingonton KY 41005

Phone: 859–586–5285
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